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Natural Refreshement
Natural Refreshement

Garces Trading Company Kiosk

About the Kiosk

Garces Trading Company Kiosk is located at the bottom of the escalator in the lobby of the Cira Centre. Warm up with a variety of coffees and teas or enjoy our newest additions from our juices and smoothies selections. On the go & looking for a quick bite? Choose from a variety of snacks sure to satisfy your craving! Open Monday through Friday, 8am - 3:30pm.

The Story Behind Our Coffee

Coffee roasting is an art that delicately balances timing and intuition; it encompasses both the precision of temperature regulation over time and the organic nature of the roasting process. The delicate hand-picked coffee cherries contain sugars, a wide variety of flavors, and natural perfumes. Once the cherries are meticulously harvested and dried to yield raw green coffee beans, they are small-batch roasted in a vintage German, gas-fired cast-iron machine. The green beans go through a transformation in the hands of the skilled roaster who guides them through a constant evaluation of ever-changing colors, aromas, sounds, and shapes. Finally, the beans are released into the world when optimum sweetness and nuance are married during the roasting process. I can personally promise you that this coffee is of the finest quality- grown by patient, knowledgeable people in an ideal climate – because I visited the plantations and roasting facilities myself. My time spent with the farmers and coffee roasters inspired me to create Garces Trading Co. to bring this specialty grade coffee to the United States and to your cup. The flavor is the best I’ve ever found: smooth, rich and extraordinarily pure. It is a coffee I am truly proud to bring to you!” – Jose Garces

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